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sunrise out our bedroom window


silly girl

silly girl 2

Deb, Dave, Newell, Linda, and my sweetie


on our way

far enough for me


our dust protectors

we went to the top, believe it or not- 8022'

Hello, is there anybody out there? Is anybody listening? Anyway, here we go again.

Last Sat. we went to a 5th birhday celebration for the El Camino Real Heritage Center. It is a place that shows ALOT of the history of this area. The El Camino Real is a trail that goes from Mexico City, Mex. to Santa Fe NM. It has been being used for hundereds of years. It closely follows current day, I-25. After much celebrating, eating, and exploring there, we headed over to Fort Craig. It is one of my favorite places down here. It amazes me that some place that 150 years ago was thriving, and active, is today a ghost town of ruins. It shouldn't amaze me, it is what happens to us all, but it still does.

Last Sunday, we followed our trusty leader, Loren, up the trail across the San Mateo Mountains. What an amazing trip. 52 miles total, but packed with undescribeable scenery. When we got to the summit (8022 feet), there is a campground up there. Sue and I were actually offered a workcamp position there at one time. I certainly am glad we didn't accept it. Beautiful, but SOOOOO secluded. No hookups of any kind, and besides, the motorhome would never have made it up there. When you look at the pictures, we did go ALL THE WAY to the top. I never would have believed it that we could. I kept asking Loren how far up we could get. He would say, "do you see the road that can't be seen?" That's where we are going. AND WE DID. Dave and Lee would have loved it.

For you history buffs, the peak is where 3 army soldiers supposedly killed the Apache Kid, and his body was left up there.

We had lunch at another campground up there too. Linda, Newell, and Dave took a side trip up a very steep trail. I admire their courage. In one of the pictures, if you look VERY closely, you can see their red jeep coming down. Good driving Newell.

Dave and I were going to climb to the top of a huge cliff. About half way up, I told Dave that I thought I had gone far enough. He said,"ok", and proceeded on. He made it to the top, while I waited. I don't mind it in the jeep, but climbing is another story. Coming down was TERRIFYING. We had to straddle a hole that dropped into a cave (about 30"). I seriously thought about taking my chances dropping into the cave, as opposed to doing the gap. Dave came back, and talked me thru it. Thanks Dave for your reassurance that I could do it. I was very glad to be back on the ground.

Well, I guess this is enough for now. Sue and I send you our best wishes for a wonderful holiday this Thursday. We will be celebrating with about 25 people here. Almost as many as when we are home with the family. Not the same tho. The only downfall to what we do is the absence of family at this time. We love you all.

P.S. I have made enough money selling marshmallow shooters to pay the rent here for next month. Pretty cool huh?

Sorry there aren't many pictures, but it is a pain to resize the ones that are too big, and I have been at this for 2 hours.

Take care.

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