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So today I woke up early in an attempt to finish my horrible Art history paper. I was doing pretty good but then I had to go to class. After class I was heading home minding my own buisiness when...

I got AMBUSHED by a lady holding a microphone and a guy holding a huge camera. The lady said something to me and I was like a deer in the headlights... "erm, non parlo Italiano?" I said in more of a question then a statement. "niente?" none? the lady asked. "uh, un po", uh, a little. I said. Then she went off on some crazy tangent and I again put on my confused deer in the headlights look. she repeated what she said about 8 times trrying hand gentures to make me understand. She pointed at my bag that I had (the one I bought here from a street vender) and then pointed to her head. The camera man got a clost up of my bag before focusing on the lady and my extreemly confused face. At one point she asked her workers if they spoke any english and he camera man could only come up with the word crazy... I had NO Idea what she was trying to say. I really WISH i knew what she was trying to say though! After the lady pointed at my bag and then at her head and said "crazy" I knew that It was probably time to get outta there so I bid them adeu with a "sono in ritardo" I am in a hurry and went on my way. I was in a hurry though, to finish writing my paper!

I went grocery shopping today and got a ton of food, which is awesome! I walked up to the register line and the lady at the checkout started talking o me. I was trying really hard to look like I understood what she was saying. I thought at first that her line was shutting down so I had to choose a new line But the guy in front of me helped me out. as soon as the lady discovered "parla englese" you speak english, I figured out what she ment. Recognition came across my face and I said "ahh, si" oh, yes and the guy in front of me said "hai capito" she understands and I smiled and said "si, ho capito!" yes, I understand, with an ackward grin on my face. I then had to tell a few people behind me that the line was "chiuso" or closed. By the time the lady asked me if I wasnted a "busta" or bag I was feeling pretty damn good about my Italian (even though it didnt go THAT smoothly in the begining).

Its funny that really missed the Italian when I was in London. Its easier to be able to order stamps from the post office in English but its more fun trying to learn another language :) I noticed that while I was in London was thinking a lot in Italian to prepare myself for social situations even though I didnt need to do that there, I dont want to loose the begining of potentially speaking another language! (even if it is taking me a long time!)

I have also walked across many streets without barely looking, something that almost killed me in London and will probably kill me back in the states, or at least award me the finger.

I really am going to miss my Family this Thanksgiving, the mashed potatoes and 10 different Pies! I would have forgotten about it and not been so depressed but everyone keeps reminding me and every other post on Facebook is about Thanksgiving break and such, so thank you everyone for making me depressed. haha.

I would love to Skype anyone and everyone on Thursday so let me know what time and/or Ill plan to be on Skype as much as I can!


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