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We were awake but still laying there with eyes closed when the cell phone rang. It was Jennifer, on her way to work, just wanting to say “Good Morning”.

When we rolled out of bed a few minutes later, we noticed that the sky was overcast with only small breaks in the clouds. The breeze was still blowing through the open windows ands the temperature was very comfortable. The humidity was a bit high but we decided to have our coffee outdoors on the patio.

We enjoyed the nice breeze and the scenery with our coffee and conversation.

Jane stopped by, taking a short break from her walk, and then Jan walked over with her coffee and joined us.

It is always nice to have Jan join in the conversation. She is a sweet lady, interesting to visit with, and usually has something funny to say.

We came back inside once Jan left, and started getting busy. We had a few things to accomplish today.

I walked to the mail box, mailed a check to the Albasini’s and checked our mail. We had a Thanksgiving card from the kids, including a picture that Colby had colored for us. It was nice and made us miss the family back in Missouri. Of course we miss the family on the east coast also. We remember the good times we had when we all spent holidays together.

Well, enough of that!

Marilyn had the kitchen cleaned up by the time I returned from the mailbox and we were soon off to HEB for some grocery shopping.

We found that HEB has lower prices for many items, than Walmart.

They also have a great selection and I must say that the Super HEB stores are my favorite place to shop for groceries.

Back at the RV we unloaded the groceries and once they were put away, Marilyn started baking some bread. Today she is baking some beer bread with rosemary seasoning.

I plan to fix my beef, pepper stew later and that bread should taste great with the stew.


The food was good but not great. Tasty though!

It was hot outdoors but the patio was in the shade and the stiff breeze made it bearable to be out there. Marilyn read her book while lazing in the comfort of her lounge chair.

I played golf but had a terrible time so I decided to bowl on the Wii system. That was better but the air conditioned comfort of the RV called me so I went back inside.

Tonight we’ll watch “Dancing with the Stars” and just chill.

Another fine day, which makes us aware that……………………..

Life is Good!

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