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The Casino across the road in San Remo

The weather into San Remo

15th of November

On Monday, after our school experience, we set off for Venice where Harry wanted to have his birthday. We set off and after three hours we stopped to have lunch in Arles - we had French Macdonalds. Yummy!!!Mum wasn't that happy! Most of Arles was closed up for the winter season and it was still raining. We continued the journey heading for San Remo which was our first stop on the trip. This part of the journey was pretty scary as we were hit by bad storms (we now know what "orage violente" means as the road signs kept flashing this message). Not only could Dad not see anything whilst he was driving because the rain was so heavy and there were so many trucks on the motorway but the car decided to flash a warning that we had to stop immediately as the braking system was in failure. Mum and Dad couldn't believe it as Dad could still use the brakes but we thought we should check it out. We tried to pull into Nice and got off the motorway but couldn't see enough to find a place to stop. We decided to keep going as Dad thought the error message was caused by all the water we had been driving through. Just out of Nice, another problem. The fog hit. We had to crawl along the road as we couldn't see a metre in front of us. Mum and Dad said it was the worst driving conditions they had ever had on a trip. We were all relieved when we finally it to Sanremo. The drive had taken nearly eight hours. The seaside town of Sanremo was pretty much closed up for the winter. This was abundantly clear when we checked into our room and tried to open up the windows. There were metal shutters on the outside that meant we couldnt see the view. We also struggled to find a place for dinner. It was a rainy Monday night and most places were closed. We eventually got the hotel to ring a place they knew. As it was only 7.00 pm, the restaurant opened early to accommodate us. We were a little hungry after the long drive. Dad encouraged Harry to try a little local dessert called Tiramisu. It was only after Harry had eaten most of it, was he told that it had Marscopone cheese as the main ingredient. Dad had to finish the rest.

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