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Day 21 - Blythe to Kettleman City

Starting Odometer: 35560

Miles traveled today: 510

Departed at 7:00 to crisp, blue skies over Blythe.

First came the desert wind and sand. Then, the cold arctic air. Then, the rain. By the time I reached Banning, I was warned by the gas station attendant to confirm the weather with the CHP and spend the night there. I did neither. I knew that the cold air and moisture was a problem over the passes, but I couldn’t imagine not being able to ride on through at near sea level, considering the riding conditions I’d already faced on this adventure.

Good thing. Ten miles later the rain fizzled out, the clouds broke up and floated over L.A. toward the ocean. It ended up being a beautiful – but cold – ride around the mountains and up the California coast.

Along with these little challenges today came a pleasant addition – rainbows. From the moment I left to the last stretch of road into the Central Valley, there were rainbows. Some were not typical at all; just large glowing orbs nestled in the hills. Another started in the clouds to the south and ended in the clouds to the north, but nothing visible in the blue sky between. The best was a gorgeous double rainbow in a wide open stretch of the Kettleman hills. It was so brilliant that half the travelers were compelled to pull over to enjoy it. What a nice addition to the day!

Made it to Kettleman City in the light of day and tucked in, readying everything for the final home stretch!

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