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We were showered and dressed for the day in plenty of time to drive to Mission, Texas, to have lunch with our friends, Jim & Linda.

They are staying at Bentsen Palms RV Resort just outside the entrance to Bentsen Rio State Park.

We have spent two summers in Colorado as neighbors to Jim & Linda, so we are happy to be in the company of these good friends any time we have the chance.

We were standing outside of the restaurant when they arrived and it was so nice to see their big smiles as they walked across the parking lot to greet us.

We exchanged hugs and some good natured kidding before going inside.

We enjoyed pizza and a beer from this micro-brewery. The conversation never waned and was frequently punctuated with laughter.

We lingered after lunch for as long as we dared and then shared “so-long” hugs with Jim & Linda. They went across the street to the Barnes & Noble store while we drove back to Llano Grande.

The wind blew hard all day today, but that made the 88 degree temperature feel more comfortable.

Marilyn sat outdoors in her lounge chair, reading her book, while I divided my attention between the football game (Houston & New York Jets) and finishing my book.

I did go out later to finish a golf tourney on the Wii system. I had played all but the final round while we were in Colorado and wanted to finish it up.

Tonight is a good night for TV, as we enjoy “The Amazing Race” and “Sarah Palin’s Alaska.”

That Alaska is one awesome place!

If I plead a bit, maybe Marilyn will fix some popcorn with butter, sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla. Yummy!

This has been another wonderful day and we have a few chores left for tomorrow.

Life is Good!

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