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The Japanese dinner Sato and I made

Sato and I with the food

This is what we do when people are late...

Each person got a decoration

Playing with the food after...


Weird masks at a party we were at (It was sponsored by...

I'm in the black mask and Sato's in the white

Posing with the Monster poster

Jean-Lin and I

Sato and Jean-Lin



Me with my ticket to the yacht club party

Yummy oysters


These things were delicious


Drawing for the door prizes

Françoise won the first one

Woohoo - they asked me to say something in English haha


The band


Françoise modelling her prize!

Funny faces!

Sato found her name!



The two weeks around the weekend I went to London were pretty busy. Before I left, I helped my roommate make dinner for some french friends I met through her. We made a Japanese meal which was alot of fun! While we waited for everyone to show up, we went a little crazy decorating with the seaweed wraps that were meant for sushi rolls. Afterwards we went out dancing for the night. We ended up stopping by another party on the way that was sponsered by something called monster. Sato and I had no idea what that was. They were handing out robot masks for people to wear while dancing (hence the pictures).

After I returned from England, I had to make a traditional cake from there called Victorian Sponge Cake. The week before our prof had decided that we would have a day to try meals from each country represented in our class. We had to choose a recipe from our own country, write it out in french, then exchange it with another person or group from another country. We then had to make it for Wednesday.

The meal was delicious! The Americans made a chinese fried rice recipe, the chinese made enchiladas, I made my cake, the English student made nanaimo bars, the brazilian student made cheese rolls from Brazil (she wasn't there for the recipe exchange), and our teacher brought in quiche lorraine and some local red wine. It was a wonderful afternoon! We spent the full two hours eating, talking about current culture, and compared the countries somewhat.

The next day I had a Yacht Club party to go to. My housemom surprised Sato and I with tickets to it 2 weeks before. We got to get all dressed up and go to a party for the new president of the yacht club. Even though we dressed up however, Sato and I were still underdressed and as a result we got some pretty funny looks. We dressed in outfits that would apparently be appropriate only in spring or summer. Everyone else had turtle necks under their dresses, scarves, long leggings and knee high boots. I knew the French dress themselves by the season no matter what the weather is like, but I hadn't noticed it much until that night.

Sato and I didn't eat dinner before the party because we assumed it was for dinner. There weren't any meals, but they did serve many delicious appetizers such as local bread, cheese, oysters, and chocolate chip cake bites. They also had 3 different kinds of local wine to drink as well as champagne.

Later they held a draw for some door prizes. My housemom won the first gift which was a ballcap and a t-shirt that she then proceeded to model haha. I won a little door prize too which was pretty exciting. They asked me to say a few words in English which was a little weird since barely anyone would understand.

All in all it was a good week :)

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