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Brrrrr, Bari. 17 degrees? How do you expect me to cope with that? A jumper? Goodness me.

Italy, for the third time, Bari for the third time. At least we knew where the supermarket was. Feels good to be back in Italy. When nowhere is home (well, for a year anyway), then somewhere you've been to three times starts to feel very familiar, and that's very welcome.

I'm going to ask you a favour now. Is anyone still reading this? We're feeling a bit lonely over here so how about you guys send us a message and tell us what you're up to. Remember, you can send us a message through the blog by using the Send a Message function on the main page, and only Nick and I can see it. You can also write something using the Guest Book function but if it's in there, everyone in the world can see it.

Hello? Hello? Anyone?

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