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Harry and Will with Caricature

Harry and I in Mosman Rugby tops playing football

Harry getting help from the headmaster in Champomy contest

Our school dorm

Foosball and table tennis

12th - 14th of November/ Weekend of School for Nick and Harry

Today we went to horse riding in the morning we did some more cantering but we were supposed to go on a hike but didn't because of the weather. After horse riding Harry and I had to pack a suitcase because we were going to a boarding school called Chateau de Sauveterre that afternoon just for the weekend. The school is about 40 minutes drive from our house here in France. We arrived at the school, met the headmaster or "directeur" as they are called in France and we were both shown our dorm. We had 2 kids in our dorm called Ed and Will and they looked after us. We said farewell to Mum, Dad and Ruby and wondered what the weekend would have install for us.

It began well as straight away we had to get into our footy shorts and boots and we went to play football with all the other students. It was a bit of an advantage for me because all the boys were Harrys age. We both had a lot of fun and I even scored a goal from outside of the box as a defender. After football we played some table tennis and foosball before we had to go to assembly then have dinner. At dinner it was someone's birthday that day so we had Champomy. Champomy is like sparkling apple juice but in a Champagne bottle. They have a cork popping contest and Harry went in it. He came last but he had never done it before. This school is all for english kids in a single year to experience an education in France so there is only about 20 girls and 60 boys. We ate dinner, played for an hour or two then we had to get into bed.

Day 2

We woke up the next morning from the ruckus coming from down the hall. It was 8:30am and Harry and I were really tired since we usually get up at 10am. We played for half an hour then went to the cafeteria for breakfast. That morning the kids had morning classes so we went with the crew who had the best weekly report who got to go to the L'isle Jourdain markets to buy sweets as they say and soda. We funnily enough ran into Mum, Dad and Ruby, buying the weekly groceries. We had a competition where a group of two got given 2 Euro each and a group of three got given 5 euro all together. Then whichever group could find the best bargain within the price range of 2 euro would win a prize. Harry went with his new best friend Will Strutt and I went in a group of three. Harry and Will got a caricature done that was originally 5 euro but they brought it down to 2 and my group got a flower with decorations and bath lotion for 2. All the other groups got stuff like wine for 3 and 4 euro so Harrys group and my group were in the running. But we never found out the last result. In the afternoon we played a game that they play every Saturday called Mr Woods. The game was like capture the flag- it was so much fun. My team lost and of course Harrys team won. After we all had showers and played pig pong for the rest of the afternoon. We ate dinner and watched a movie called Slum dog millionaire. I didn't like it that much- it just didn't go with me. We had a late night so we fell straight asleep. All the English kids and the principal gave us a bit of a hard time when we found out that Australia lost the rugby to England..but we survived!!!

Day 3

We woke up early again and played some table tennis and foosball until breakfast. Breakfast on Sundays are Croissants and Pain au Chocolate (chocolate croissants) with hot chocolate. In the morning we played ping pong and played footsall on the tennis courts ( for those who don't know what footsall is it's indoor football or tennis court football). My team lost but we still had fun. Once we were tired we went inside got changed and played ping pong. At about 5pm we started another game called food chain. Food chain is very complicated and hard to explain but there is a Viper team a fox team and a chicken team. The vipers eat the fox's the fox's eat the chickens and the chickens eat the vipers. The Fox's ended up winning with 5 people caught from the chickens team after half an hour of playing. We played ping pong until Mum and Dad came to pick us up. We didn't want to leave because we had so much fun. We had dinner at home, we were exhausted so we went to bed.

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