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Apparently Sky Harbor Airport hasn't installed the new full body scan machines. I went through the normal metal detector. I was, however, finger swabbed. What were they checking for? I have no idea. It was a very CSI experience. They took my computer away and checked it thoroughly and that was about it. I had gotten there with so much time to spare thinking there would be long slow lines but I only waited about 25 minutes. Fortunately all of the restaurants were open at 5am so I was able to grab a bite to eat.

I had very interesting seat mates on both legs of my trip. On the flight from Phoenix to Chicago I sat next to a lady and her sister who live in Chicago but had to come to the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale in June for treatment of a rare disease . ( I didn't ask what it was) The Mayo Clinic In Rochester Minn. ( which would have been a heck of a lot closer and a heck of a lot cooler since she went at the end of June) did not have space for her. Her follow up treatments can be done in Chicago.

I had a bit of a flashback at the O'Hare airport today. As I walked up to my gate for the connector flight to Detroit the destination on the board at the next gate was San Antonio. It was just about this time last year when Tom and I had the "trip from hell" from S.D. to S.A. on United ( which is what I flew today). It just amazes me that the emotions triggered by simply seeing the name on the board at that airport were so strong. They came in an instant and almost knocked me down. I wouldn't have believe that was possible if I didn't experience it . I guess it will be a long time before all of those bad memories fade - I am holding on to all of the good ones!

On the trip from Chicago to Detroit I sat next to an unshaven young man wearing a very snazzy cap, thin but warm jacket, "shredder" pants, and bright blue and white sneakers. Did I jump to conclusions? Did I judge a book by its cover? Hell yes! Turns out he was a delightful person who reps for the Oakley corporation - ski equipment and clothing line. Every bit of his outfit was an ad directed to his customer base. Irony of all ironies, his father is an attorney whose partner at the firm handled the legal work for the opening of Pulse - Owen's lounge in downtown Detroit. Small world!

I am at Spencer's house now - Spencer's out. Tomorrow morning I will be out - so I guess I'll see my son tomorrow night. I have a very busy schedule for the next 5 days but I am not ever going to complain about having a full dance card.

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