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Giles County Courthouse

Abernathy Hardware

Soda fountain at Reeves Drug Store

How about the burglar alarm on the outside of an old bank.

There's almost always a church on one of the corners of the...



Confederate, Sam Davis

Not on the square, but a great building nevertheless.

All dressed up for Thanksgiving

Who knows, you might find a real treasure in there.



A "Rock City" Barn

Yesterday, after our trip to Lawrenceburg, we drove over to Pulaski, the county seat of Giles County. This is another small community of about 8,000 residents. We had bypassed Pulaski along our route because there is very little to be said for the town. We decided to check out the courthouse on the recommendation of Ray at the Visitor Center in Lawrenceburg.

He was right about it being a magnificent courthouse. Of the several we’ve seen, this one is very fine. It is certainly center stage on the square.

We found two other items of interest as we walk the four sides of Pulaski’s square. For some reason, we stepped into Abernathy Hardware. What a jewel. It was empty except for the three employees so a young man took us under his wing and gave us the tour. Abernathy’s is the oldest business on the square and the inside of the store was like walking into this establishment at the turn of the century. Almost all the merchandise was new, but it was surrounded by the old store--the old, very worn wooden floors, the walls, the old elevator, the ladders, the tin ceiling. It was wonderful. Our guide even took us out back to see the old warehouse and point out where wagons were repaired in the old days.

A couple shops down from Abernathy’s was Reeves Drug Store. We went in to see the old soda fountain. Most of the drug store has been refurbished, but the old soda fountain is the same as it has been for 75 years. We had stopped at McDonald’s for coffee on the way, but if we’d only waited we could have had a cup for five cents at Reeves.

As far as I know, Pulaski is known for only a couple historical incidents. In 1863, Confederate Sam Davis was hanged as a spy. Then in 1865 Pulaski became the birthplace of the Ku Klux Klan. There is a statue of Sam Davis on the square, but the city has disowned the Klan and there is no evidence of its existence.

We found a couple things worthy of a snapshot on the way home. One of which was a “Rock City” barn. The tourist attraction, Rock City, open atop Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga in 1932. Shortly afterwards a painter was hired to paint advertisements on barns around the country. There are hundreds of barns dotting the highways as far north as Michigan and as far west as Texas urging travelers to “See Rock City”. These barns are old now and many of them falling down. We found this one on the road to our campground.

Today, we toured Shiloh National Military Park. That story tomorrow.

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