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There are so many simple pleasures in life. We just need to take the time to enjoy them.

We slept with the windows open last night and sometime in the early morning, a weak cold front moved through, bringing cool temperatures and a fair breeze. When we awoke this morning, we remained in bed enjoying the breeze and cool temps. We had the covers pulled up around our chins and could hear the breeze in the palms outside our window. We could see the early morning sun shining on the palm trees and noticed the absolutely clear sky, promising another wonderful day. Simple pleasures.

Later, we sat together, enjoying our freshly brewed coffee, as we talked quietly about our plans for the day.

We had nothing urgent pressing for attention today, and planned to just take things as they come. More simple pleasures.

Marilyn used a recipe given to us by a good friend, Jackie Albasini, to make corn fritters for our breakfast.

They sure were tasty! Simple pleasure!

Marilyn’s knee is still bothering her, the result of the fall she had at Bayou Segnette State Park. For that reason, and because we could, we did very little today and she stayed off her feet.

I updated the maps on our GPS, a process which takes a long time.

With that done we decided to sit outdoors with a cold drink, enjoying the awesome weather today. We talked about driving down to see Ted & Sue and as we spoke, Sue walked up to invite us to Happy Hour.

We drove to their place and had a nice “catching up” visit.

Back at the RV by 6:00 PM, Marilyn fixed tilapia for dinner.

We will watch a little TV and get another great night of sleep with the windows open.

Life is Good!

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