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The day started fairly early....for us! I was doing laundry by 9:15 this morning. When I tell you there were six loads, you will know I had put it at the bottom of the list. But, there comes a day when it can't be put off any longer! I must say this is the cheapest laundrymat/room I have used. Each load was fifty-cents for washing and fifty-cents for 30-40 minutes of dryer time. All six loads were washed, dried, and folded by 11:15.

I called former Poplar Bluffians, Norma and DeWayne Beckemeier yesterday afternoon when we arrived in Springfield. We made arrangements to meet today for lunch at Cheddars.

By the way, Cheddars is a great restaurant!

We caught up on all the family news for each of us over and around lunch. We then went to their home where we played two games of "Quiddler"...a new game for us.

"Quiddler" uses a deck of cards. Each card has a letter or letter combination (ch, er, qu, etc). Words must be made using the cards plus having one to discard. There are eight hands in each game. It is not as complicated as Scrabble, and very easy to learn. Norma and DeWayne said the game could be bought at WalMart. They were very good hosts and teachers as Glen won the first game and I won the second game.

We will be heading to Carthage, MO tomorrow.

Weather: short rain shower this morning; 41 degrees low temp; partly cloudy the rest of the day; high of 57 degrees. Current temp at 10:17 pm. -- 41.

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