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Placio Real

I think it is just hitting me that I spent my weekend in Madrid, one of the places in Europe that I really wanted to get to and that I was seriously thinking about living someday.


Delia and I got to Madrid on Thursday morning and we were completely exhausted. We had to get up at like 3 to get to termini by 4, catch our bus at 430 and catch our plane at 615. I got to termini aound 350 and the station was closed until 4 so I had to wait outside with all the homeless people sleeping under the canopy. Two young(16 years old) Italian boys came to talk to me and didnt speak hardly any english. Probably thinking I was in their league, asked me my age and got wide eyed when I said "ventidue anni" (22 years old). But we kept trying to communicate with eachother which was kinda fun even though they were kinda annoing. Oce Delia got to termini we hustled it to our bus and then made our way to Madrid!

When we got to madrid we took the metro to our hostel and when we got out of the metro we walked onto Gran Via which is one of the bigger main streets of Madrid. It was stunning. I love big cities with people walking everywhere and the tall buildings and all the energy.

We headed to a bank so Delia could cash her travelers cheques but when she reached into her purse for her wallet it wasnt there. We both could not believe that this was happening and as much as Delia was in denial that all her cards and money were stolen, I took action and told her that we had to cancel all her cards and everything right away. she didnt have any money, just her credit cards, Id's, and travelers cheques. Her passport was in another location thank goodness. So the first day Delia and I didnt do much except get some starbucks to use the internet and hung out in a few parks. Our hostel was in Plaza de Espana which was a cute little square of a park with water fountains and then we went to The Jardines de Sabatini and sat in the sun (almost falling asleep) near the Palacio Real which is a huuuuuge palace with beautiful parks.

Then we were able to check into our hostel for the evening. We rested for a little bit, got dinner at McDonalds (because we didnt have much money and it was the cheapest thing... but let me tell you, McDoogles in Europe is MUCH more upscale then in the States.

Then we got ready for the concert that we came to see, DJ Steve Aoki. He is my favorite American DJ, from California. We got dressed up really funky, me with a lightning bolt on my face like Lady Gaga!

The concert was nothing less then Epic. I couldnt stop dancing and jumping aroud to the music. Aoki is probably 75% better in concert then just listening to it on an ipod. I literally cant listen to him elsewhere because it doesnt do him justice.

The Spanish LOVE to party. New York is not the city that never sleeps, its Madrid. We were at the concert until 5AM! It was crazy! And so worth losing a little sleep over. Delia kept reminding me, your only young once!

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