Laurie and Adrienne's Trip Around the World 2010 travel blog

Adrienne at our first burg

Me at the burg pool in Nandi, Fiji

Life in Nandi!!

Our home sweet home

See the sleeping giant?

Crazy and beautiful plants!!

The famous mud baths!!

Yeow!! What luxury!! A small bit of sarcasm!! Haha

See who was in the mud bath with us!! Oh my!!!

Stuarts tattoo-England couple neighbors in Nandi

Great photo of Adrienne

Our outside shower in Pacific Harbour..on the road to Natovi Landing east

The perfect seashell-for Karli!!

On the hike to the village on the tiny island of Naigani

Family members on Naigani

The Pacific at the Naigani Island

More of the village people in Naigani

Of course, there are crabs!!!

Our families house

Some of the village

Late night Kava ceremony

Waving goodbye to Naigani Island

Back in Nandi at the Raffles Hotel

The pool at Raffles

On the boat for the Yawasa Island for Barefoot Resort, 3.5 hours...

The burgs at Barefoot. There are 4 of us on the island!!

Barefoot Resort view, out our door!!

My bed!!

The village boat to meet the bigger boat back to main Fiji

I know, I in a skirt!!

Adrienne with the island tour girl, Rozmeen

Hi guys!!! In Fiji, since Nov 8th. Adrienne meet me at the airport with a "greeter" and a taxi to to take us to our "bure"...hut!! Hahaha We stayed 2 days and meet the most awesome English couple..Emily, Stuart, their 2 children Cassie and Nelson!! We went to a village mud bath and a hot spring, ...then we ate pizza..Mama's Pizza...We then rented a car and drove to the other side of the island to Natovi Landing and caught a "dive" boat for a resort and went to Naigani Island and stayed overnight with a true Fijian village family! This was incredible!! We brought gifts for the village chief, kava, for him, and sugar and flour for our family. We had a "Kava Ceremoy" and were accepted into the village!! We now have a Fijian family!! Today, we came back to the landing, per a fishing boat, ( and no puking!!) and drove just beyond Sigatoka to a resort. Oh....This morning, while on the island, we hiked up to a fort on the Naigani hill island where 200 years ago the last tribe of village people lived and were invaded and defeated. All is well. better if it would quit raining!!! Laurie ;D

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