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Something strange happened to me for the first time in my life 2 weeks ago; i felt homesick! I lived in LA for 4 months when i was 20 years old and i didn't feel it then. I rang home and had a chat with my Dad, it was great to hear his voice and we caught up for 5 mins before the phone cut out. After the call i had a strange overwhelming shocked feeling. I sat down and Jamie looked at me asking was i ok. I taught i was, but it then hit me later that night when i couldn't sleep that i was homesick! I lay in bed thinking about all my wonderful family and friends and i wondered what they are all doing at that moment in time in the Northern Hemisphere, and me upside in the Southern Hemisphere, lying in the middle of the jungle under the canopy of my mosquito net and a completely different set of constellations of stars in the sky. Eventually i fell asleep, when i woke up at 6am to start work i felt much better.

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