Mackay Family Abroad 2010-11 travel blog

Rows of Chocolate croissants at the Markets

Isle Jourdin Markets very busy

Isle Jourdin Markets Assortment of Olives

Medieval streets of Sarrant

Outside the Main gates of Sarrant

Harry in stocks

Ruby in stocks

Nick in stocks

L'Isle Jourdain Markets

Following on from my last update... the Saturday in horse riding week we went to the village of L'Isle Jourdain to check out the weekly Market. There were so many people there and we wandered around and we bought roasted garlic whole chicken for lunch and other fresh foods and ingredients for dinner.

Horse Riding off- car trip to Sarrant!

The Monday of horse riding week was called off due to rain so we took a car trip to a small village called Sarrant. This medieval town is surrounded by the walls that originally protected the town. It was amazing. You can't believe that people were still living in those old buildings. Also amazing that in all these tiny villages there is a church...thankfully the church was locked as otherwise Dad would have had us all inside for a visit!!!! The kids did find something fun to do outside the village walls...there were stocks that we all tried...see the photos!

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