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Me, Calli, Mariah and Briget

The delicious food




Briget and Shirley

Shirley, Me, Carolina, Briget and Mariah

We decided this was the best name for a fruit drink


Out dancing...we were the only ones midnight

Shirley and I

After the trip to St Jean de Luz things have been pretty quiet. School is still going well and I am still learning quite a bit.

I have started to experience a little bit of the nightlife here. First I had a potluck dinner at my friend Shirley's with some of her friends she met through USAC (an american exchange program). It was really nice :) We went out later that night and to my surprise I found out that dance clubs don't open until about midnight. We went out dancing and didn't leave until about 4 in the morning but there was still no sign of them stopping! I still have no idea when they close!

It has really been a lot of fun and I am really enjoying myself. I have also met a friend of my roommates who is French and he took us to a basketball game at the school. It was the first time I saw a real band play at a game and little did I expect them to play The Lion Sleeps Tonight from the Lion King...It was still great though! And Pau's team won!

My house mom has also taken me to see a movie here. It was "tu vas rencontrer un bel et sombre inconnu" - the new Woody Allen film. It was in English with French subtitles, but was really good.

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