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Let me explain the story behind the title of today’s blog entry.

Every time we change our location, moving around the country, it is like moving into a new neighborhood. You may or may not already know some of the people who are your neighbors.

We did not know any of the nice folks here at Betty’s when we arrived, although we are acquainted with people that several of the couples know.

So, even when you do not know anyone, you are not exactly a stranger, and RV folks are among the nicest, friendliest people you may ever meet.

Here at Betty’s there is no cable TV and it is difficult to pick up TV stations from the antenna on your roof.

We are able to get seven channels but CBS is not one of them. On the other hand, one of the neighbors may only get one or two channels and CBS may be one of the channels they receive clearly.

Why is this important? Well, we are fans of the TV show, “Survivor”, which is on CBS on Wednesday nights.

One of our neighbors, knowing that we are fans of that TV show and unable to receive it, knocked on our door a few minutes before 7:00 PM and invited us to come to their RV to watch “Survivor” with them.

“We’ll be right over” we replied, and got up to put our shoes on, then headed out the door, into the darkness.

We knocked on the door of the motor home next door and were immediately invited in.

We thanked these nice folks for inviting us over and asked where they would like us to sit. “Oh, just anywhere” they replied.

We thought it a bit strange that they were watching the CMA awards rather than the expected “Survivor”, and then became aware that these were not the folks who had invited us over.

We were in the wrong RV!

We explained what we were supposed to be doing and apologized for our error, thanking these nice people for their hospitality.

We then went on to the next RV over and were greeted by the ones who invited us over.

Geez,,,,,,,,,,, Sometimes you just feel like a nut!

The whole thing was good for a hearty laugh, but it does show the kind of people who live this lifestyle. Good people, full of fun, and able to roll with the punches.

Thank you to Al & Glenna for the invitation last night and to Joe & Ursula for their hospitality.

It is a pleasure to be a part of this RV family!

Life is Good!

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