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During your Newquay holidays, you can have a grand time touring the beaches in coastal areas and enjoying waterfront activities. There are several museums and parks you could also visit from your Cornwall holiday cottages. You can take advantage of all the points of interests for local and foreign tourists. One of the most famous activities in Newquay and Cornwall is to dine at the international restaurants. Indian restaurants are one of these international restaurants that visitors frequent.

The Indian Summer Restaurant

Your Newquay holidays will be complete if you dine in this fantastic Indian restaurant. The dishes provided are incredibly spicy and tasty. You could dine there when you come from your Cornwall holiday cottages before going on a tour. Bonding time can be initiated when dining at this restaurant because of its great ambiance and friendly, efficient service. The Indian dishes are delectable with a dish for anyone’s judicious palate. The onion bhaji, Narial Shabzi, Sheek kebab, and Lamb tikka, are great dishes you may want to taste. The restaurant has more than a hundred seats available for diners.

After your sumptuous meal, you can have a taste of their sparkling wine and savor its sweetness and richness. You can then proceed to your sightseeing or activity for the day. The coastal area and the string of nature parks are easily accessible. Retiring in one of the Cornwall holiday cottages will be an excellent end to your day during your Newquay holidays.

The Maharajah Indian Restaurant

Like any of the Indian restaurants in the area, Maharajah has special vegetarian dishes for patrons. These dishes range from delectable vegetable dishes to succulent seafood recipes that would titillate your tongue. From your Cornwall holiday cottages, you can drop by Maharajah. There is distinct flavour because of the rich spices that they add like turmeric, cardamom and many others. There are also English dishes available for some who have company preferring other dishes. You can taste their Tandoori chicken and spend a romantic meal with your spouse or partner. You may choose to bring your family too, so they could also taste the exotic dishes from India.

From your Cornwall holiday cottages you can drop by and dine or order a take-out meal. If you opt to dine, then you can enjoy the unique and relaxing atmosphere. You can spend your Newquay holidays touring all the local attractions and dining in this superb restaurant.

All of the Indian restaurants in the area offer take-out options. They also feature chefs who have excellent Indian culinary expertise that makes Indian dining a truly remarkable experience. If you are looking for some unique taste of foreign cuisine during your Newquay holidays, then these Indian restaurants are the greatest place to be.

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