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Label in my suitcase...What?

The best view I've had of the Pyrenees


Sunsets are the best from a plane!




Mind the gap!

St Pancras - they filmed the outside of this station to be...


King's Cross Station

The Duke of Wellington


Wellington Arch


War Memorial

This was Wellingtons house - this building has the priviledge of being...

Green Park

Buckingham Palace

Changing of the horseguard








Where the crown prince lives

The closest I could get. There is a fence there now since...



Not being a very good guard



Men's club



First taste of home I've seen since I left


National Gallery

Trafalger Square


Giant ship in a bottle


head of a dead lion with the body of a spaniel...

Admirality Arch

War damage

See the nose? It's supposedly modeled after the Duke of Wellingtons nose

Ben, our tour guide....from Calgary...





Entrancee to the war rooms

Pelican Rock

The Clock Tower!





Westminster Abbey








The parliament building


Human Sundial






stand closest to the current date and you can see what time...

These are at every intersection!

We had Rememberance Day off from school, so I decided to stretch it into Friday and Monday to go to England to visit Sam and Hayley.

Coming into London itself was a nightmare. First, my housemom forgot that she was going to drive me to the airport to catch my plane at 11. I had to wake her up, but luckily I made it with plenty of time. I flew to Paris where I had the scariest landing of my life. The weather was terrible and we were on a little plane and as a result we were blown around as we landed. Sitting in the aisle and looking at the window all I could see was all sky, then all land, then all sky, then all land as the plane rocked back and forth. I had been sleeping at first and that was definitely not a nice thing to wake up to! Thankfully we landed safe (some people started clapping when we landing). In Paris I had a few hours to kill and I ended up running all over the airport since my gate changed a couple of times. When we went to board the plane we were told that we would be delayed by a couple of hours because the weather was so bad in London. We sat on the plane for almost a full 2 hours before we took off. The ride was completely smooth and apparently the weather was much better than they expected which made me wonder if we could have left earlier. Anyways as a result of the delay, I ended up missing the broadway show I had bought a ticket for and later could not get it refunded or exchanged since I couldn't get a hold of them until after the show started. That night I just checked into my hostel and stayed there looking at brochures.

The next day, I didn't have to catch my train until almost 5 in the afternoon, so I needed to find something to do. I had no idea what I wanted to see so I decided to take a free walking tour. It was definitely a good idea! The tour guides work on a tips only basis so they really try to do their best to give you a good tour. They do this because they feel that when someone visits another city, they should be able to learn as much as they can without money being a hinderance.

I was a little surprised to find out that my tour guide was Canadian, but what shocked me even more was when he said where he was from: Where the mountains meet the prairies in a little town called Calgary, Alberta. Crazy! I told him that's where I was from too and when he asked me what I thought of Nenshi I drew a complete blank (no idea why since I know who Nenshi is...)! He decided I was lying about being from there haha.

He really knew his stuff about all of the major sites we saw. At Buckingham Palace, he told us the story of the people who have broken into the Palace (including a homeless man that managed to find his way to the Queen's room...while she was there...and it wasn't illegal!). He also told us that he intends to marry Princess Beatrice (in his words "the deer in headlights") and that we had to keep an eye out for her since he still needs to woo her haha.

He showed us Westminster Abbey, the Clock Tower, the Parliament Buildings (where he told us the story of Guy Fawkes - Remember, remember the 5th of November), Trafalger Square, and much more. It was a 3 hour tour and it was great!

Later that day, I caught my train to Cambridge where I met up with Sam and Chris.

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