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I have had the pleasure of eating some mighty fine meals in my lifetime. My Grandmother and my Mother were great cooks. I will never forget my grandma’s fried chicken and my mom made ham and beans, one of our all time favorites.

Since leaving home at the age of 17, I have been on my own and have had the privilege of enjoying some fine meals in different places around the country.

Steamed Crabs in Maryland may be at the top of the list of my all time favorites. Especially when they were enjoyed in the company of my brother, Bill.

Bill was great at cooking crabs and we shared many a fine meal together, with crabs, clams and shrimp on the menu.

Marilyn fixes the best chicken and noodles, with mashed potatoes!

I do believe that the best oysters on the half shell was eaten recently by us at “Perrino’s Boiling Pot” near the Bayou Segnette State Park.

BBQ in Texas in another favorite of mine but seafood, properly cooked, has to be at the top of my list. When we speak of Texas seafood, Dirty Al’s on South Padre Island comes to mind.

When it is Cajun food, that takes it up another notch.

We just returned from another fine lunch at “Suire’s” just south of Kaplan, LA on Hwy 35.

We return to this place any time we get within a couple of hundred miles for some great Cajun cookin’!

Today, Marilyn ordered shrimp etoufee while I selected crayfish etoufee. The etoufee, served on white rice, was accompanied by fried okra, corn, bread and a small slice of chocolate cake. Now that is southern, Cajun cooking at it’s finest.

It was wonderful, as everything we have eaten there has been.

We selected four pints of Gumbo from the freezer to bring home. We will eat that when the urge strikes us.

I hope it lasts until we at least get to the valley. LOL

We are now back in our comfortable little chalet on wheels. It has been an easy, relaxing day, so far.

I did go out this morning to have a rock chip in the windshield repaired. It cost $32.50 to repair and I decided not to bother turning it in to the insurance company.

Tonight is “Survivor” night on TV and we’ll probably just eat some popcorn for dinner.

There I go again, writing about food!

What a life!

One thing we know for sure and that is that Life is Good!

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