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This morning, we had intended to meet up again with Kevin and Laurie to do some touristy things, however we ask to renege and stay at the hotel, which has been a wonderful stop for us on the way home. I think we would have been a gibbering mess if we had gone straight through. And sorry to say (and I really am sorry for us) that our requested upgrade did not come through, so the journey ends as it started...."down the back of the bus". Spoiled by all that business travel maybe, but the extra space so as not to have to clamber over 1-2 sleeping fellow passengers wins hands's just the bank balance that suffers most.

And so back to Brisbane to be met (such a joy it is too) by Jacelyn and driven home. Christopher and Kat were at Lady Elliot, and we catch up with them later in the day.

And here are some tips for fellow travellers:

1 Make sure you understand what you are about to eat in China....or could be gall bladder, bile ducts, dog, scorpion, silk worm, or the private parts of some departed fellow warned.

2 4 weeks is a sufficient time for any non-artist to be totally over medieval religious art

3 Enough of these cathedrals

4 If you are going to Granada, save your pennies and stay one night in the Granada Parador....that one day is worth 2-3 in the city below

5 National Trust membership is essential for anything more than a week in the UK

6 The Mesquita in Cordoba is extraordinary, and spoiled by the Cathedral....but then withour the Cathedral there would not have been a Mesquita still standing I suppose.

7 Bangkok is a perfect stop-over from Europe. And in fact, terrific as a destination.

7 There is no place like home.

We are glad to be home, and are now trying to overcome our jetlag.

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