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Rock Hair!

So, I got my hair cut at Contessa Rockhair on saturday and I LOVE IT!!! I told them to do whatever they thought would look the best. I now have red-ish hair with some blond highlights and a style that I love and is so easy to do. I want to get my hair done there all the time! It wasnt that expensive either, totally worth it. I have Rock-star hair!! haha

Saturday night Delia and I went out in the same area as Friday and ended up at the same place we were on Friday (on friday we went to a bunch of places, one of my fav's was this place playing strange funky music by a DJ and then some people on stage with a drum and singing to the tunes but we decided to leave when some guy wouldn't leave us alone and thats not really Delia's kind of place.). Coyote plays good music, has a good atmosphere and has fun flashy lights! Again we stayed out till the club closed, went to get a chocolate cornetti (crosant) and pizza for Delia. Then we were able to take the metro home!

When I got home I walked up the 5 flights of stairs to my apartment and put my key in turned and pushed and the door did not open. So I re-locked the door and tried again. The door was deadbolted! I was locked out of my aparment at 6 AM! I was going to call one of my roomates but my phone was completely dead so I rang the doorbell once hoping that someone would hear it. I waited... no one came so I rang again... Nothing. I rang the door bell about ten times and no one came so I proceeded to constantly ring the doorbell hoping that I would wake someone up, with intermittant knocking on the door. I was afraid that I would wake up the whole building with the annoing doorbell but I wasnt sleeping in the hallway... Finally after like 15-20 minutes of me constantly ringing the bell, one of my roomates yelled "who is it!!!?" and I responded, "uh, me" and then I was let in!! I had woken up the whole apartment and probably the neighboors too and I felt really bad, but It wasnt my fault! At least I got let in!

I slept until three the next day... Sunday. I got up and took a shower and found out that our toilet got clogged from too much TP sooooo I had to go to the mall near our house to use the bathroom. I ended up spending a lot of time here because, 1) I didnt want to look like I just came in to use the bathroom and 2) I had left my makeup at Delia's house so I hung out in the makeup section and did my makeup! It was fun to do my makeup differently to match my new haircolor... hehe Im a red head again!

Then I hung out all day and met Delia at night. We wanted to do something so we went to this place by the coloseo and got hot chocolate that was delicious! And because we liked the environment so much, sipping hot chocolate outside looking at the coloseo, we got some really delicious pizza too. It was a little pricey but worth it. It was a good night! When I got home I went straight to bed, I was exhausted from the really fun weekend :)

Next weekend: Madrid with Delia to see Steve Aoki (my favorite american DJ)!

Weekend after: London to visit my friend Peter!

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