Cairo to Istanbul 2010 travel blog

Camel meat in the souq

One of the spice shops

Wedding dress alley

Gold shops

The Citadel

We arrived in Aleppo on Friday afternoon and made our way to our hotel in the middle of the souq. Being Friday, it was very quiet in the souq - a huge contrast to Saturday morning when we started exploring, when it was shoulder to shoulder all the way. We had a very entertaining local guide called Ahmed who showed us the sights - the hammam, mosque, insane asylum, gay pashmina guys etc, asking us questions and handing out lollies for correct answers. Our leader Sarah had told us she wanted to adopt him as her grandfather and I could see why, he was such a sprightly old man with a good sense of humour.

After this we were free to explore and get lost in the souq labyrinth. It was so busy it was difficult to move, so many people out and about but also delivery vans trying to get through and boys with trolleys trying to knock you over. Eventually we escaped to our hotel for a sit down and a bit of breathing space.

Sunday morning was quieter and we did more exploring before getting on the public bus to head into Turkey.

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