Adventure to Baja California travel blog

We continued our trek north, only 140-mile drive; but, some sections of road were pretty terrible (the part where the MCD blind fell off the window on the way south, the blind survived the washboard road today) and it was extremely windy…..blew the refrigerator cover off one of the rigs. It was very cold this morning too and the heat ran a good bit last night. We crossed the 28th parallel back into Baja North and Pacific Time, so we gain an hour today. There was no bug spraying; guess they are not worried about Baja Sur bugs getting into Baja Norte. We were waved on through the Military checkpoint, but they pulled a few of the rigs and gave them a pretty thorough search…for what, we’re never sure.

Many of us needed fuel but the first PEMEX was closed; we were fortunate the next one had good supplies because the next stop would have been 200 miles. We probably could have made that but many of our group couldn' of the reasons we always try to run on the top half of the tank...but, we're timing our fuel now so we top off one more time before we cross the border...diesel is running about $2.86/gallon here in Mexico and we know it's going to be much more than that back in Arizona.

We’re dry camped at an RV Park in Catavina and we’re just here overnight so we didn’t bother unhooking the Jeep. The park had hook-ups at one time but now it’s just a big parking area with lots of room. Catavina is merely a way station in the middle of the desert scenery….lots of cactus, especially the boojums.

Dan took a few of the group to an abandoned onyx mine to look for rocks. It didn’t hold much appeal for us since it was close to a 60-mile round trip, 20 of that on rough, bumpy road. Dan was nice enough to bring back some extras and lined them up on the bumper of his SUV so we could all have some.

We were lucky we were able to have our social gathering behind a building, sheltered from the wind, and in the direct sun. It was quite comfortable. We had dinner at home; we’re really anxious to use up the stuff we can’t bring back to the U.S.

We’re bound for Estero Beach tomorrow, a little south of Ensenada.

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