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Joe was up for the sunrise over Playa Santispac.

Unfortunately, I slept through this. Joe & Foxy were out walking.

We're all tangled up, Alley, Lucy, & Foxy at Playa Santispac.

Some road pictures.

Sea of Cortez near Santa Rosalia

A little road construction, no lines or shoulders.

We don't mind the trucks; these guys know where they are on...

Our last look at the Sea of Cortez.

A break at the top of "Devil's Grade"; we call it "Angels...

Buses know where they are on the road too.

This is a caravan heading south.

Joe is more careful passing RV'ers....they don't always know where they are...

Up, up the mountain we go..........

We drove a little under 200 miles today and it was a relatively easy day. We were laughing as we all pulled out from the beach. Dan & Carol had set an 8:30 a.m. departure time, but by 8:20 a.m. they were almost all alone at the beach. Dan said he thought he was the tail gunner when we all bailed like rats abandoning a sinking ship….we weren’t really anxious to leave Playa Santispac but it seemed everyone was just ready to go this morning.

It was a little windy but the roads were pretty good. We stopped after about an hour to get Foxy out for a walk; she did really good today with no tranquilizers. We went on through Santa Rosalia and had our last glimpses of the Sea of Cortez. Then, it was time to conquer “Devil’s Grade” or "Angels Ascent" as we like to call it. We stopped at the top and took another break.

The roads were pretty flat and straight, with the odd tope and vibradores, and a group of us stopped in Viscaino for lunch. We had a military checkpoint and not one, but two, soldiers came in to inspect our rig. We're never sure what they're looking FOR...but, we think they are just looking. They point at family pictures and smile a lot. We think they are just curious to see what the insides of the rigs look like....and they have a job to do. From there, it was a straight shot to Mario’s RV Park in Guerrero Negro. You can see just about anything on the roads in Mexico…..nothing surprises us….we were following Ed & Marty when they slowed way down…Marty came on the CB and said they needed to get around “a little blue car”…..I swear I never have the camera ready when I need it………this little blue car was crawling along the highway about 5 miles an hour……he couldn’t see a thing because the hood had sprung open and he was peering around the wayward hood to try to see the road. Needless to say, Joe got around him pretty quick too and we arrived at Mario’s.

This is a reasonably nice park, pull-thru sites, with power, sewer, and a strange water set-up. We had to take turns filling our water tanks from Marios’s tank, which is a gravity-fed system; there’s not enough pressure to sustain the flow if everyone is demanding water at the same time.

We had our usual social hour and Mario’s has a nice room so we didn’t have to sit out in the wind and freeze, plus he has a bar so we got a couple of margaritas……..did I mention, we can tell we’re much further north?…….it’s getting cold…….I think we’re about 450 miles from the U.S. border and there’s a definite chill in the air. Ray & Jane and Joe & I had dinner at Mario’s restaurant…….excellent food….and more margaritas. We have our group dinner here tomorrow night so we'll enjoy the restaurant again. We’re ready to stay in for the night and put some heat on. Tomorrow, we tour the Salt Works……stay tuned………..

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