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We pulled out a bit before the rest of the caravan today to stop and top off our fuel. Diesel is still running in the mid $2.80’s here so we top off often. The general rule is to run on the top half of the tank and, with all the mountain driving, the fuel mileage is not great.

Foxy liked this arrangement because she got to get out at the PEMEX for a walk and she got to get out again where we waited for the rest of the caravan to catch up. Foxy likes frequent stops, especially on these winding roads with lots of vibradores and topes.

We had less than 70 miles total to travel to Cabo San Lucas but it still takes 2 hours plus; it’s slow going. Traffic was heavy through San Jose Del Cabo with about a dozen traffic lights spaced over a couple of mile distance. To get to the RV park which is a bit east of Cabo San Lucas, we had to do one of those exits to the lateral road, then make a left turn….and we have to do that from the right lane because we’re big and long….then cross over the highway and head back the opposite direction on the eastbound lateral road………basically, a U-turn, less complicated than it sounds. When we crossed over the highway, we could see Los Arcos at Land’s End to our right.

The RV park is Villa Serena and we’re parked high up with a slightly obstructed view of the water…..but, nonetheless, very pretty. The RV park had the usual electrical problems; we had reversed polarity but once that was fixed, the power is really a strong 30 amp and we have good water and sewer. We’re here for four nights but I wasted no time getting ahead of the laundry, did three loads. Unfortunately, the internet is not free here ($2/day), not a problem for us with the satellite dish but others depend on it to keep in touch with family.

We had a potluck dinner for tonight so we got that in the crockpot and then I indulged myself in a long hot shower……..ah, I feel human again. I know I’d never get used to the sand and dust here…but, for now, we and our clothes are clean again. It’s probably a waste of money but we’re going to splurge and get the coach and Jeep washed on Thursday; at least, it will remove the big dirt before we hit the dirt roads again. To date, we’ve traveled 1143 miles and from here, we will start our trek back north on Saturday.

During social, a couple of local fishing guides gave us their sales pitch. A few of the guys are going out on Friday…not our thing so we weren’t interested although the prices were quite reasonable for the adventure. Potluck was a hit as usual with way too much food and all of it very good. After dinner, Ray & Jane & Joe & I went to the restaurant bar for a couple of drinks. We’re going to have dinner at the restaurant tomorrow night and it has a magnificent view of the water. We really like Ray & Jane and we hope to visit with them at their home in New York later this year.

Tomorrow, we have a tour of a glass-blowing factory….or as Joe says, an opportunity to shop………..Stay tuned.

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