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We are here: Los Barriles

Windsurfing at Los Barriles

Foxy, off leash and enjoying the water.

Joe threw a stick and she'll chase it out.

She's trying to locate the stick.

Like a drowned rat, but lovin' every minute of it.

She chases the waves out, and they chase her back in.

OK, that's enough; windsurfer prepares to surf.

He's up...........

Sunset west of the campground.

And another shot.

The Fantasy caravan pulled out about 8 o’clock and they were heading north. We had set 8:30 a.m. for our departure time and we rolled out and headed south. It was slow going around the LaPaz by-pass but we finally made it out of town and we were on our way for our short distance drive of 70 miles.

Even a 70-mile drive can take two or three hours when the roads are narrow, winding, and mountainous. Every day has some mountain driving, it seems. Today, we traversed the Sierra de la Laguna range and descended down to a fertile area, trees as well as cactus, and some farming before finally reaching Bahia las Palmas. We took a break a little over half-way and arrived in time for lunch at Playa Norte RV Park in Los Barriles.

It looks like a cute little town with some of the worst topes and speed bumps we’ve ever seen. We rocked and rolled into the RV park and Foxy was a happy camper when Joe finally brought us to a halt and let the air out of the airbags. I think Joe was happy too; it was a tedious drive. I took her out for a walk right away while Joe got us set up. We’re definitely going to give her a tranquilizer the next driving day. She flat doesn’t like the side-to-side motion and the rocking and rolling over the topes. I don’t blame her; I don’t like it either.

After lunch, we took her to the beach, took off the leash, and let her romp in the water for a while. She met all the other dogs and chased anything that anyone threw in the water. Now, she’s truly a happy camper and covered in salt water and sand. We let her roll in the sand some more and then we gave her a rough washing down at one of the water spigots to get some of the sand off of her.

This area is known for windsurfing and many boarders were out on the water and in the air. It was actually cool and windy for our 4 o’clock social hour. We had dinner at home to use up some leftovers. Tomorrow is a free day and we will have Hobo Stew….more on that later.

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