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Joe caught this sunrise picture....think red in the morning is not a...

Another one.......the wind is coming up.....

Moving day…and we’re leaving the beach and heading south just 75 miles to Loreto. Even a 75-mile drive here in Baja requires a couple of hours; the roads just don’t lend themselves to speed. So, we voted to leave at 9 a.m. so we’d arrive and be settled by lunch.

The weather is changing; the winds have come up and the air is just saturated with dust and haze. Despite this, the drive around Conception Bay was very pretty. If there is anything good about driving in the wind, it’s that this wind was a tailwind………well, sort of……..we were driving generally south and the wind was blowing from the north….but, the roads just snake and curve along the hillsides so sometimes our tailwind was a sidewind.

We hit a little construction too and it’s always amazing when the 18-wheelers pass us in the construction zones…yet, they are very good drivers and don’t hassle us any; in fact, most of them wave at us. We had one military checkpoint and they waved us all through.

As we approached Loreto, we had to make a turn called a “Mexican Left”…..that’s where you veer right onto an access road and then turn left…….can be dangerous if there’s lots of traffic but there wasn’t much today. Mexico also has Gloriettas (we would call them rotaries or round-abouts)…they are treated like a clock as far as direction is concerned….today, we went in at 6 and out at 12, which is about the same as going straight but you have to negotiate your way around the right half of the circle.

We were a sight to behold as we caravanned through the little town; the children were out waving at us and a policeman was standing at the last turn; he didn’t wave, he just watched. I’ve told you about the topes, or speed bumps. Loreto has two killer topes just before the turn to the campground; they are new and, even though we crawled over them as slow as we could go, it felt like we were in an earthquake. The coach rocked from side to side….poor Foxy just lost it…….she couldn’t wait to get out as soon as we pulled into the campground.

Our home for the next four nights is Loreto Shores RV Park. Good electric, 30 amp, water, sewer, cell phone signal, and internet………life is good. But, the weather has taken a turn for the worse. The wind is very gusty and because we’re almost on the beach, sand and dust is blowing. We’re in for 2 days and 3 nights of that according to the forecast; but, we’re not complaining…when we hear what’s going on in the U.S….what with snow, cold, black-outs, white-outs, etc……….we’re quite OK with some wind and temps in the 60’s.

We had our social hour; fortunately, there’s a nice meeting room here so we didn’t have to sit out in the wind. We made some dinner at home and indulged in a couple of long, hot showers. Oh, and I did some laundry………that’s it for today…….we’re planning a down day tomorrow to catch up on some chores.

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