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November 7, 2010

We drove to Delaware Beaches State Park today. It is located between Bethany and Dewey Beaches, Delaware. We usually stay here at least twice each year; for our first trip of the year in March and usually for the last trip of the year in November. Without fail, it is always really cold and really windy and today was no different. It was about 50 degrees but the wind was wild; probably at least 30 mph. If not for the sun, it would have been bitter but, we were prepared for the cold weather and had our hats, down jackets and mittens ready to go. Dixie LOVES the beach here because she can run and run and today, it was really interesting because we saw a fox on the beach. As we approached the spot where the fox left the beach and ran into the dunes, we saw a huge (48 inches or so) yellowfin tuna dead on the beach probably brought in by the very high tide today. Obviously, the fox had a meal he or she did not have to catch. However, after we/Dixie became more visible and the fox left, the gulls took over the job of picking the tuna clean. It will be interesting tomorrow to see if any of the tuna remains or if it has been dragged off into the dunes.

The waves were the biggest I have ever seen anywhere. It was incredibly windy as I mentioned and the ocean was whipped to a frenzy. The current coming out of the Indian Inlet was wild and so fast moving it is no wonder they are replacing the bridge over the inlet. The whirlpools and cross-currents would make boating quite treacherous and there were not as many fishing boats in the inlet. Usually, they motor up the river, as the tide goes out and drift toward the inlet. If the tide is coming in, they motor to the inlet and drift inward. Today, there were only a few boats out there and these were rather large boats.

We walked quite a long way along the beach, stopping often to marvel at the size and sound of the waves. The pictures do not depict accurately how large the waves were but they were beautiful in a powerful way. Since it is now daylight saving time, the sun set around 5:00 and it was another nice one; not as awesome as last night’s but certainly lovely in its own way.

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