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We heard the furnace kick on once or twice during the night last night.

We sat together with our coffee doing our usual morning routine.

My classmates were going on a tour of a mansion and a cemetery but that is not our thing so we opted out.

Our RV friends were going to a Swamp Festival at the Zoo, with Cajun music and Cajun food, crafts and of course, the zoo.

That was more to our liking so we followed them and finally found a parking space at the zoo.

The huge crowd thinned out once inside the zoo and it wasn’t bad at all.

We strolled around together looking at animals, etc and then discovered the swamp area which was a huge grassy lawn filled with tents where there were crafts on display, a row of food booths selling all kinds of mouth-watering Cajun food, a beer sales tent, and all sorts of lawn chairs set up, with people listening to the live Zydeco bands performing their craft.

Cajun music filled the air, mixed with the aroma of Cajun food, giving the entire place a joyful, happy and festive aura.

People were dancing to the music, or enjoying bowls of steaming hot Cajun delicacies, some visiting with friends, laughter joining the sounds of music.

It was one fine day!

We were delighted to see my classmates arrive a bit after noon, and they joined in the fun.

It was about 4:00 PM when we arrived back at the campground.

My classmates are leaving tomorrow morning, so we decided to all go to dinner together this evening. Our friends chose a seafood place called Boudreau’s, not far from the campground.

We enjoyed the company even though the food was only so-so. The Mizzou vs. Texas Tech football game was on TV so the gang got interested in that and the conversation slowed a bit.

We all said “So Long” and parted with hugs and wishes for safe travel before we headed back to the campground.

We are looking forward to a quiet day tomorrow. We have to set our clocks back and that will give us an extra hour of sleep.

So, another wonderful day draws softly to a close, making us aware that…..

Life is Good!

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