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Today I am getting my hair cut!!!!!!!!!

I found a place that does "trendy and hip" haircuts and I think I am just going to let him do whatever to my hair. Its just hair, and if I dont like it, I can always re-dye it and itll grow out by the time I get back and then I can go to Jayme-Lynn (My haidresser at home) and have her fix it. I just need a cut really bad!

So yesterday I did nothing all day... I laied around in my PJs. Oh wait, I did some reading for school. (I did homework! Arent you proud!?!) Then my friend came over and kicked my butt out of bed and we made dinner here. Then we went out! We went to this area where there were a lot of bars and clubs and went hopping! We eventually found this place that had a good atmosphere and good music. I just have to say that I HATE ITALIAN MEN!!!! Whoever came up with the sterotype that Italian men are so very attractive is WRONG. Most Italian men are creepy and gross. Especially the old ones who call at you and try to touch you. I mean seriously gross. The whole night of dancing Delia and I had to keep circling around and dancing really really crazy so that the guys would stay away. "I just wanna dance by myself!!!" I kept screaming haha. But all in all it was a good night and I was able to take the metro home cause we were out so late! (or should I say early!) All totally innocent fun, I promice :)


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