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October 31st – November 1, 2010

Horace and Margaret Johnson and Jo-Jo, the doggie (or dogger as they say in Kentucky)

I have known the Johnsons since 1986 when Bill and Horace were roommates at the FBI National Academy in Quantico, VA. Since that time we have visited each other often; and we always keep in touch. So, naturally, since they live about 60 miles from Nashville, we decided to camp out on their 40 acre beautiful farm near Scottsville Kentucky among the most beautiful rolling countryside in the country. Kentucky is very much like Pennsylvania although perhaps a little more hilly generally. The climate is similar without the amounts of snow during the winter. The road to the Johnsons’ house is interesting – very narrow, no shoulders, twisty and turny but definitely worth it. You would think you were in the middle of nowhere but actually, they are about 20 minutes from a very metropolitan Bowling Green. The house is lovely and when we were there, they were finishing their chicken condo and expected to get some chickens soon with a cow and horses to follow.

In Kentucky, at least in Warren County, there really are no leash laws and the dogs simply lay in the middle of the road if they feel like it. Horace has an Argo; sort of an ATV like vehicle. We took a ride around the 40 acres, up hill and down dale and Dixie followed behind or alongside the entire way. She was exhausted by the end of the trip. Horace, of course, had to prove that he could get up this steep hill around a fallen tree on the trail and Bob wound up sitting on the front of the Argo to prevent it from flipping over backwards. Where were Margaret and I while this was occurring, you ask? Well, Margaret was smart enough to stay at the house. I rode in the back but upon seeing and experiencing the feeling that the Argo might not be as stable as the boys thought, I jumped out and simply photographed the manly men exploits. Which only goes to show which gender has the most common sense and intelligence. That said, they did get up the hill eventually after practically digging to China with the wheels.

We hung out with them Sunday and Monday and it was great to see them again and just spend some quality time with them. Of course, having a free place to do wash, was an additional benefit. Margaret cooked her amazing, incredibly fattening egg casserole and hash brown casserole with sausage gravy and biscuits and fried apples. I thought I was at Cracker Barrel although it was much better and we didn’t have to tip. She also got us a peanutbutter pie – Wow!!! I did NOT get on the scale when we reluctantly left Margaret and Horace on Tuesday morning

And, I would be remiss if I did not mention Jo-Jo, the dogger. She is the sweetest little pound doggie and she and Dixie got along great. They ran around together although Jo-Jo has much more energy because she is fairly young. Jo-Jo is so affectionate but I think she was a little jealous and concerned that another doggie might be coming to stay. Still, she was the perfect hostess for Dixie and even taught her to sit in the middle of the road…..which we will not be encouraging.

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