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Cantebury Cathedral

Cathedral exterior

Beautiful window

Compass on the cathedral floor

Cathedral cloisters


Arches of arches

Cantebury cathedral

More beautiful stained glass

We lucked out this morning with the weather. When we got to Canterbury, the sun was shining and I had to remove some layers as I was expecting a bit less sun.

Canterbury is adorable! There is a huge pedestrian shopping area that has lots of fabulous shops I avoided. The buildings are a perfect blend of old and new. We stopped at Starbucks to get a dose of caffeine before continuing on to where we thought there was a castle that we had spotted on the drive in. It turns out the only thing left is the wall. A little further along the wall there was a small remaining section of the castle but we didn't walk that far. Instead we turned back to the shops and the cathedral.

The girl at the cathedral admissions window somehow screwed up and I ended up saving 10 quid on the admission, which is a lot! I didn't notice right away as I was a bit confused over currencies, but Alison pointed out I seemed to pay very little and she was right.

he cathedral is stunning. I decided to buy an audio tour and Auntie Ali got my summary of the audio guide. The cathedral has a huge crypt which is really interesting. Actually, the entire cathedral is spectacular. We spent a fair amount of time there before going back into the pedestrian mall where we had spotted a crepe stand. Our lunch crepes turned out to be kind of gross. They tasted like the oil used to cook them was old or bad or something, and left a nasty aftertaste. So we ditched our crepes and went into Pizza Hut.

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