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Trail To Box Canyon

Box Canyon

Josie's Homestead

Josie's Story

Lizard Petroglyph

Grand View

Campground Forward, Farm In Rear

Green River After The Yampa River Merge

Canyon View

Vertebra Fossil

John's Fossil Hunt Again?

Guess Who Found It?

The park is located in both CO and UT. The campsite in Dinosaur NM at Green River was across the river from a rich agricultural area.

We drove back to Dinosaur, CO and followed the Harpers Corner Drive to the end of the road for a beautiful hike out to the point. The canyons on either side of the trail drop 7500 feet below the rim. At the point, you can see the Yampa and Green Rivers merge into one. The dynamic view of the multicolored upturned layers of the Mitten Park Fault reminds you of the Grand Canyon.

On the road to Box canyon, we took short hikes to see several petroglyphs that were about 1000 years old. We hiked into Box Canyon and visited the homestead of Josie Bassett who lived alone for 50 years until she died at 90.

A new Visitor Center is under construction at the Fossil Discovery Trail. The Fossil Trail is now led by a ranger. Once again John found himself on an exciting hunt for dinosaur fossils! The last tour stops at 11:00 AM due to the heat. And it is HOT.

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