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Hatch, NM for Chile Ristras!

Our ristra gift from Caitlin & Jordan!

Bean soup one night!

Our site at Benson's Saguaro Park!

Hiking amongst the "critters"!

Posing with a Saguaro!

OK...which way?

Obviously these guys fascinate me..The many shapes & postures!

The 2nd mutated Saguaro we've seen in 15 yrs!

Sharon & Rodg at their cute new casa in Tucson Estates!

Ajo Plaza for lattes!

And pictures!

Marilyn peaks out the upstairs window!

The old train station!

Warning signs & Border Patrol everywhere!

We found Darby's Well!

And more funny old Saguaro!

Copper mine overlook!

Nice building, beautiful rock!

It's a duck!

Love the African decor!


The longer the writing hiatus, the more difficult it becomes to catch up, so I just decided that while we're driving I have no excuses and what you see is what you get, the unedited version!

We left Cochiti Lake in New Mexico on October 21st with Deming's Escapees Park as our overnight destination. There was a brief stop at Camping World in Albuquerque to pick up a door handle for our refrigerator that had been on order and another, more fun, stop in Hatch to admire the beautiful chili ristras. Might as well get a couple for friends while we're here!

On to Benson where we hunkered down for 5 days to do some much needed interior cleaning. Well not us but Kyle's Complete Carpet Cleaning service gave our carpets, upholstery and ceilings a good going over. Through all the year's travels to Mexico, various desert locations with wind-blown sand, Wyoming in the rain and snow...well you get the picture. We do clean up well, if I say so myself, for a 10 year old rig that's been driven 120+ thousand miles with, hopefully, many more to go!

No we did not sight-see the many local landmarks like Tombstone, Bisbee and Kartchner Caverns but have in the past and would highly recommend. I did get a rather unattractive haircut while in the park which made for fun fodder on Facebook. What I go through to entertain my friends!

The Tucson Mountain area is next on the itinerary and we spend 6 fun-filled days visiting with friends, Rodger & Sharon, who just moved into their new place in Tucson Mt. Estates. We have a favorite free BLM site nearby that provides an eclectic mix of neighbors; one of which is writing a book on Surviving the Chaos of the Impending Doom from the comfort of his ancient GMC RV. He explained that when the dollar finally collapses we'll be trading items like fish hooks and safety pins, so stock up friends!

Exciting for us but not so much for R & S, was the World Series games with the San Francisco Giants vs. the Texas Rangers. They even went to Costco and purchased a big screen TV for the occasion....well they would have eventually, anyway! Of course we now know that the Giants are the winners and we enjoyed fun meals and happy hours during the ongoing entertainment, but our games of Mexican Train were put on hold.

We took major advantage of our easy access to city shopping and purchased new tires for the jeep at Costco and redeemed our REI credit with a new fanny pack with slots for water bottles, one of which will be used for the long distance camera lens that always presents a "where to put comfortably" problem when out for a hike.

The Tucson Mt. area has hundreds of miles of trails. We actually got up one morning at 5:30 a.m. to be on one of the trails by 7 to catch the sun coming up and got in a 5 mile hike in 3 hours before the heat became an issue. We completed a loop that provided beautiful views of all the cacti; saguaro, cholla, prickly pear.

Next a couple of days in Ajo, AZ, just a few miles northwest of Why(?) and, from all the signs, very near the Mexico border where we were warned that Smuggling and Illegal Immigration may be encountered. There were certainly enough Border Patrol cars on the prowl to scare even us off from seeking out our usual BLM parking sites. We did enjoy scenic drives along the 10 mile Darby Wells loop, the beautiful mission-style plaza where we sipped lattes and took pictures, and checked out the old copper mine sites. It was quite hot so being in a proper RV park with electric was a good thing.

Speaking of "good things", the Pany's parking in Yuma for a couple of nights was the best. Beth & Chris have a great RV lot with full hookups where we enjoyed their company and Chris' delicious duck a la rotisserie, which we had shamelessly requested. I took advantage of the town's services to have myself serviced at the local nail salon. All polished, waxed and waned!

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