Toby-Sue Trip to the Gulf of Mexico 09-10 travel blog

Sharon and Clayton

we followed the water here

crossing the creek

Linda and Newell (behind us)

box canyon

guess who?




Linda and Newell, us,Clay and Sharon, Dennis and Sharon

part of the group

crocodile dundee?

On Sat. we went on our first jeep trip.WHAT A BLAST!!!

There were 4 jeeps, and 7 atv's. Total mileage was 92 miles. Probably a third of that was 5 mph or less. We went up a mountain crisscrossing a creek about 105 times. It wasn't a real challenging ride, but beautiful, and very fun. When we got to the top, we went thru what they call the box. It was very narrow, with high sheer cliff walls.

We had the top off of the jeep, and could see everything all around us. We splashed thru the water trying to stir things up a bit. Sorry to Linda and Newell if we got you wet.

The weather was, and still is gorgeous. The trees are just turning down here.

Last night (halloween) we had a get together in the clubhouse. I went as a miner, and Sue was the miner's daughter. Good treats, games, and fellowship. We came back to the camper, and sat under the stars til about 11:00 pm.

Another nice day today. Sue is painting, I am bumming around. Kinda like being home.

Peace. Later.

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