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Today we left beautiful venice for Lake Como near Milan. We stopped in Verona for a bit to see the balcony of Romeo and Juliet. I had a most delicious Nutella crape! It was warm, slightly crunchy and the chocolate oozed out when I took a bite. YUM! But later my stomache didnt like it too much and I got hard core heartburn. ouch.

Then on to lake como where we took a boat ride of a little bit of the lake and saw a building from oceans 13 (I believe) and I totally remembered seeing it in the movie!

We traveled in a small bus with only 6 of us left, it is quiet and quite sad! We used to have a crying whining 2 year old girl along (Ryans sister) and without her Im not woken up every five minutes from my naps.

I have discovered from this trip that I am an old person with a childish side that meet together at 22. Im not so much my own age. Im hoping to stay in touch with some of these people as future contacts. I always come back to my hotel room after dinner and am really happy. The dinners are long, very good and the discussions are always interesting. Even though I dont talk much, I feel as if I am included. Thats what is awesome about most adults. They always try to include you and ask questions or at least look at everyone when they are talking. younger people tend to only look at their favorite people or those most involved in the conversation and they hardly ask questions to get you involved. Ill be the first to admit that im not fully comfortable in a social situationor if others are dominating the convo, Ill just sit back and listen or just zone out. But my point is that it has been great having adult (and childish, with Ryan) convos at dinners. Im really going to miss this.

Btw, Lake Como is beautiful and my hotel room is swanky! I have like a shower ROOM. its huge! with jets! haha.

I head back to Roma tomorrow, leaving the group. Im really going to miss this - the daily happiness, the easy relationships and feeling included.

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