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St Frances Church in Assisi

View in Assisi

David Replica in Florence (saw the real one!)

Florence Duomo

Holding up Piza tower!

on the water taxi in Venice with Ryan

Basilica/Piaza of St Mark

in Padua square.


The sensations concert was really fun. The music and dancing were AWESOME and we met a lot of interesting people that night. Poland is so cute and homey feeling. We didnt really see a lot but I still had a good time.

I got home from Poland on monday night, late and then had to pack and get ready for my trip to northern Italy the next morning.

I didnt know what to expect when I went on the trip. There were a bunch of different kinds of people on the trip and after the first day we all bonded. It was wonderful to have dinners together and travel with time to ourselfs to explore, exactly what I needed. I need the occassional company of others and then a lot of time to myself.

so anyway my written entry in Venice:

Im in Venice right now. Im traveling with a group and I love it but also sort of hate it. I am a part of the people I hate who travel around on coach busses and take tours in groups with those headphones. But I also love it. Im meeting people of all ages from all over and they are really nice. My favorite is this 13 year old boy from Australia. He brings out the kid in me, we joke around and have a good time. One night at dinner we were telling jokes to eachother and I totally butchered a joke and we both could not stop laughing. Theres this older family from the new york area that I have talked to a bit. I just finished having dinner with them at our hotel (which is super swanky btw). Dinner was fantastic. We all split a bottle of wine and for dinner there were these bread rolls that were to DIE for. And the veggie soup... mmmmm... and tiramisu for dessert! Everyone here is so nice and sweet! most people are from australia and a mother and daughter from lebanon.

The hotel. The hotel is swanky! I have a huge bed in my own room and its old and victorian looking. Other people on the trip complained about hit place... try staying in hostels. geeze!

I have the best of both worlds being able to spend a lot of time with other friendly people - breakfast and dinner included, and have time to wander by myself, Though I kinda wish I had more wandering time.

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