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The sunrise was gorgeous!






















These info points were everywhere!


One of the castles




War memorial



The theatre


We had no idea what this was...but the name is fun to...

Castle numero deux














Musee Bonnat





Victor Hugo










Haha she was a little tired














This weekend was one of our only long weekends that we have had. Since we had 3 days off, I wanted to plan a trip somewhere, but really couldn't decide where to go. In the end I decided that I wanted to take day trips to small towns nearby (It only worked out that I got to visit one town, but that was ok).

I invited my friends Shirley and Briget to come along and we decided to go to Bayonne. We planned on taking the early train at 8 in the morning. I got to the station at quarter to 8 only to find that they weren't there. I didn't realize it was daylight savings time and I was there an hour early! The girls showed up not to long after - apparently Shirley did the same thing.

When we got to Bayonne, we noticed that almost everything was closed. We really didn't think through the fact that we were going on a Sunday and nothing is open on Sunday's. We wandered around town to see if anything was open, went in the church before it closed, wandered to every castle around, and stopped at all of these little "info points". It was really quite a pretty town. We also stopped in for lunch at a cafe along the river where we had a server that decided we were funny english girls haha. Finally we found our way to one of the museums (Musee Bonnat) after getting lost a few times. The museum was pretty interesting - it had a few paintings by Bonnat, but it was filled more with items that were in his personal art collection. It was pretty interesting to see.

We had pre bought our ticket back and had a couple of hours to kill so we made our way to a local pub by the train station. There we had some delicious tea and hot chocolate and they also gave us a couple of free glasses of wine (we still aren't sure why). All in all it was a good day :)

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