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Lewis Death

Next door to Grinder Stand

So we've done some on-line research on the death of Meriwether Lewis and have had some surprises about the man. There remains much controversy about his death, with theories running the gamut from natural causes, through suicide, through murdered by a cuckolded and irate husband. What is known is that he was found dead at the stand/hotel on the Natchez Trace owned and operated by a Mrs. Grinder and her husband. Some say he died of natural causes resulting from malaria and/or syphilis. Other reports are of gun shots in the night at the Grinder stand, with Lewis reported to be shot once, twice, three times, or up to five times. Locus of the shot(s) has been reported as the head, arm, chest, stomach, leg and/or back. Murder theorists point to Mrs. Grinder (motive $$), his servant (motive $$), a political opponent (political payback) and Mrs. Grinder's husband (personal revenge). Alternately, Thomas Jefferson accepted the notion of suicide, observing that when Lewis had stayed recently at the White House, he had been "melancholy."

Historians are presently asking that Lewis' remains be exhumed so DNA and other analysis can be done. Do a Goggle Search on this topic and you'll get the full story. More information that you might ever had wanted to know....

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