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Pick what you want and they'll stir fry it up.

Chicken head!


Making won tons for soup

This is actually a dam, one of many in China, but this...


Our first tunnel. Luckily it was short.

One of several bridges crossing the river

Second breakfast, the first is cooking oatmeal in our room

Where are we? One of our challenges.

Yangshuo's karst peaks

Road food, hot steamed buns

Yangshuo, karst peaks and bamboo rafts

Yangshuo - 600 year old Dragon Bridge over the Yulong River

Eric pushing us across the Yulong River on a bamboo raft while...

Yangshuo - The end of the raft float down the Yulong River.

The town of Xingping

Eric buying fresh honey from the roadside. This transaction must have taken...

Rice terraces north of Longsheng

More rice terraces just after the harvest

Our first sighting of a covered bridge in northern Guangxi. There are...

Our epic backroad journey in northern Gangxi took us past this waterfall

Our epic backroad in northern Guangxi

Push'n on our backroad journey

Chinese town gateway

Rice fields still to be harvested

Bliss is meat on a stick (in this case we know it's...

Eric's in heaven. He found coffee beans in Macau

Hang'n out in Macau

Side alley in Macau that used to be the old "red light...

Our first 30-days in China are up, so we've headed to Macau to exit the country in order to re-enter and continue on for our next 30-days. We've had an amazing experience riding the northeastern countryside of Guangxi provence. We'd like to share a couple of our favorite places.

Yangshuo and Xingping: These two tourist destinations are just that, but the reasons are remarkable. They are surrounded by the most stunning scenery of karst peaks and they both sit along the Yulong and Li Rivers. The karst peaks go on as far as the eye can see, we had just wished for better weather as the visibility was poor. The Li River is popular for floating down on hired bamboo rafts, of which Eric got the chance to take the helm. We took the opportunity to spend a couple days in each town to ride in the countryside amongst the villages and karst peaks.

North of Longsheng: This is the region of the infamous rice terraces. It is simply incredible what the people of this region have accomplished with the land up in the mountains. It is truly an amazing "feat of farm engineering". We did what we always enjoy best and that's going off the tourist track and headed into the remote mountain areas. We encountered paved as well as dirt roads. There were times we thought we were lost, but we always ended up going in the right direction and there was always someone to help put us on the right track. I'm sure we were a spectacle to many of the villagers we passed, but we made many friends along the way. The accomodations were not always great, but the scenery was worth the stained walls and not so perfect bathrooms.

There was still so much to see in Gangxi, but we had to move on. We'll be heading into the provence of Yunnan next. We'll travel by train to Kunming, the capital, ride northwest to Dali and Lijiang, then head south riding along the Mekong River and make our way towards the Loas border.

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