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Downtown Houston

Alamo/San Antonio KOA

We pulled out of the Baytown/Galveston KOA around 9:30 and followed Melanie's directions across a massive bridge which took us across part of Galveston Bay and into downtown Houston. After traversing the concrete jungle of over-passes, on ramps, and off ramps we hooked back up with I-10 for our 360 KM journey to the Alamo/San Antonio KOA. No swamps along I-10 and we actually had a number of hills! Scrub oak trees and the odd cactus dotted the roadside.For pretty much the whole trip we saw roadside billboards advertising Buc-EE's Truck Stop, probably one about every 5-10 miles, promoting everything from their clean washrooms to their creamy rootbeer. We saw so many that when we finally reached Buc-EE's we had to pull in, Marilyn said the washrooms were great and I can swear the rootbeer was very good. Right around 2:30 we hit the KOA and shortly after we were settled in for a seven day stay.

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