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What a busy day we had today! We needed to finish up the chores we all have to do when we get ready to hit the road.

We were up pretty early as we were meeting Jennifer and the grandkids at a Halloween get-together for the little ones. We decided that we would get the chores done later and headed out the door.

We needed to deliver wrapped Christmas & Birthday gifts to Jennifer’s place because we will be far away at those times.

Once I had the truck unloaded I loaded up the bike and the bike rack and headed into town, following Jennifer, Marilyn and the wee ones.

Once the Halloween event ended I drove on into Hannibal with a grocery list and stopped at Walmart.

As I started back to the RV, my cell phone rang and it was Marilyn informing me that the furnace in the RV wasn’t working.

Marilyn, Jennifer and the grandkids were all at the RV and I suspected that the propane bottle in use must be empty.

I just had one bottle filled and installed it a day or so ago, but I left the valve turned off so that I would know when the other bottle is empty.

Because the RV was full of very important family members, it is cold outside, and the propane company is closed all weekend, plus the fact that we are leaving on Sunday, it was very important that I get the empty bottle filled right away.

I loaded it up and returned in about 30 minutes with a full bottle of propane.

All is well!

I then had to unload the van and separate the items going to Texas with us from the items remaining behind.

I loaded the basement with the items we are taking along and neatly loaded the items staying behind in the rolling storage area called the Van.

I installed the bike rack and the bike, removed a digital TV antenna from the roof, and finished most of the chores.

We had time to spend sitting outdoors in the bright sunshine and visiting with Jennifer, even taking a walk around the campground to see the different rigs and the campfires with people around them.

Jennifer left around 5:00 and Marilyn joined me for the ghost tour of Mark Twain Cave, which is a new candlelight tour.

It was very well done by Jordan, our guide, and we enjoyed it a lot.

Tomorrow we have another Halloween thing with Colby & Lauren, and we think Jennifer will be spending some time with us, as we finish up getting ready to leave.

I still need to lubricate the slide outs and the landing gear, and then air up the tires and air ride suspension.

We are nearly ready to go.

We hate saying “Goodbye” but are ready to get back to warm weather.

Life is Good!

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