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Port Gregory - Pink Lake

Geraldton - beach

Geraldton - Fishing fleet cleaned and ready for the new cray season.

Geraldton - HMAS Sydney II Memorial

Geraldton - HMAS Sydney II Memorial. 'The Waiting Woman' Statue looking out...

Greenough - Leaning Tree from strong winds

Leaning Tree - information

Jurien Bay - Pete with Jaz after she came out of the...

Jurien Bay - Wind swept bushes

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Geraldton & Jurien Bay - 27th to 30th October 2010

We travelled down the coastline calling into Port Gregory, we were driving into the wind all the way. It is the windy time of the year and that is just how it is. On the way into Port Gregory we saw the Pink Lake, some days it is pinker then others. The pink colour is due to a bacteria trapped in the salt granules. It is very pretty to look at.

We passed through Northampton and then onto Geraldton. Geraldton is a city of 33,000 and its correct name is ‘Geraldton Greenough’. We stayed a couple of days to get some supplies and have a look about. We ran into out friends Lorraine and Rob and had a cuppa and chat.

It was pretty windy and rather cold. We even had to put on our wind jackets which have been in mothballs since we left QLD.

We visited HMAS Sydney Memorial which was very impressive. Saw the fishing fleet cleaned up and ready to take to the sea for the coming Cray season.

From Geraldton we travelled down the coastal road passing through Dongara, Leeman and arrived in Jurien Bay. The wind was in our face all the way again. It has been a bit of a shock to us having colder weather and wind, we have definitely been spoilt weather wise. I don’t feel like swimming now and it won’t be long before my tan fades.

Jurien Bay has a population of around 2,000. It is a lovely place right on the coast. Our second day at Jurien Bay was not too windy and was very enjoyable. We went for a nice walk along the foreshore and Jaz even took to the surf for a quick swim.

Just wanted to inform you all that I had my swimmers on in all pictures of me in water. Some of you thought I was skinny dipping (sorry for scaring you)

Perth is getting closer now, around 300 km. It won’t take long to get to the big smoke. After leaving Jurien Bay we plan on visiting ‘The Pinnacles’ at Cervantes.

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