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After a shower and several cups of coffee we were ready to go pick up the grandkids this morning. This is the last time we will have them all day before we leave for the winter. We will get together with them a couple of times more, before saying “So Long” for awhile.

Colby is an absolute treasure, as he is so cute, well behaved, and fun. He is a joy to spend time with for sure!

Lauren has been great today, with many big smiles as she sits on the floor playing with the toys surrounding her.

It was cold outdoors so we only had a short walk today. Lauren was bundled up quite a bit and we found a stocking cap for Colby.

We took a short walk and then ended up in the gift shop where Colby sweet talked his Papa into buying a toy train for him.

Back in the RV we watched some animated movies and stayed quiet once Colby went off for his nap.

I managed to get a few chores done, like dumping the holding tanks, rinsing the black water tank, and driving to have the propane bottle filled.

Back at the RV, I installed the full propane bottle but left the valve turned off.

I must tell you about a bit more about our trip to Sioux Falls, SD.

Our route took us near Red Oak, Iowa, where our first born daughter was born. That brought back some memories for me. Marilyn & I were a young couple on our own, newly married and wanted to have children right away.

That did not happen however, as it was nearly 2 years later that I stood outside a doctor’s office waiting for Marilyn to come out.

When I saw the smile on her face as she ran across the street toward me, I knew immediately that we were going to have a child.

Kelly was born the day after Christmas, two and a half years after Marilyn & I were married.

What a joy!

That triggered other thoughts in my mind as we drove along.

I recalled a visit to Waubonsie State Park near Shenandoah, Iowa, where Kelly rode in her stroller as we pushed it through the beautiful autumn leaves which had fallen from the trees.

I pointed out to Marilyn, the road to Waubonsie as we passed by on I-29.

Pleasant memories of a time which was too brief.

We are aware that time passes by so rapidly, now that we are getting to the age when the memories are so sweet.

The RV life gives us a chance to continue building strong memories which we treasure. Without our RV we would be living hundreds of miles away from our grandkids and would probably see them only for a short time each year. Because we do have the RV we get to spend several months visiting the kids and grandkids each year. That is a joy!

I guess I have traveled down memory lane enough for today.

I just wanted to share that little bit of nostalgia with you good readers.

Remember dear friends, that life is short and that is one of the things which causes us to realize that……………….Life is Good!

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