Cairo to Istanbul 2010 travel blog

Drive to Wadi Rum

7 Pillars of Wisdom

Climbing the sand dunes, me at the back

Richard running down the sand dunes

Lawrence of Arabia moment - Wadi Rum

Us at the top of the Umm Fruth rock bridge

The rock bridge

After all the warnings of major delays on the ferry, our crossing was uneventful. Only about half an hour late leaving Nuweiba, though the performance to get through customs was interesting - lots of different queues for stamps in passports, ticket inspections, stamp inspections, luggage inspections, inspections for unknown reasons etc. We whiled away the time on board playing cards and arrived in Jordan around 7pm (8pm Jordan time). Straight to the hotel then dinner and a night club.

Wednesday morning was a free morning in Aqaba. Our first impressions of Jordan are CLEAN, especially after the garbage of Egypt. Aqaba is the only port in Jordan and its ony beach area, so very popular with Jordanians. We had a sleep in then a wander round town and checked out the beaches.

At 12.30 we boarded a bus to take us to Wadi Rum and our 4WD desert safari. Before leaving Wadi Rum we had a look at the 7 Pillars of Wisdom, a strange rock formation named for Lawrence of Arabia's book. As we travelled through the desert we saw many more of these rock formations among the sand. We had 3 4WD's for our group, ours was driven by the Sheikh who was the boss of our Bedouin desert camp and liked to be first along the track. We toured all the sights - this is Lawrence of Arabia country and also where the movie was filmed so you can imagine the scenery. We stopped to look at some ancient graffiti, more properly called Thamudic rock paintings but put there to give directions to following camel caravans. We climbed a sand dune, also the Umm Fruth rock bridge which was quite hard work and a bit scary coming down - only way to do it is on your backside, very elegant! We eventually ended up at our camp for the night, consisting of Bedouin tents and mattresses under the stars.

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