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Well I really wonàt miss the greek ferries after another all night trip across to Italy I am finally here, I grabbed a train after a 4 hour wait for naples and then the metro (subway) to get to my hostel. This city is amazing, the traffic is incredible just wall to wall cars and bikes getting around the Canadian way with a big ass back pack on is harder than you would think. At this point I have blisters on both heals then they go away only to come back again. Today we went to POMPEI, you know the city that was cover in ash from a volcano eruption and spent 5 hours walking around there only to see maybe just over 1\2 of it. I have some pictures of people that were over come by the ash and it's like they were frozen it time, some children were even cuddled up to thier mothers and you could even see the facial expressions on one or two. As I promised the photo's will be uploaded tonight to the site, there are alot of photos of scenery and not too many with me in them as it is hard to take pictures of yourself but there are a few. As you will note I seem to have put on some weight in Greece for some strange and unknown reason, it couldn't have been all the food. I am spending one more day here then I am off to Rome for a day or two, I have looked so forward to seeing Rome after reading Angels and Demons.

Tonight a few of us from the hostel went ofut for a pasta meal and boy is it a challange to order in Italian, I didn't even know what half the stuff on the menu was and then saw Penne so I ordered that and man was it good. Last night as I arrived at the hostel a few people were heading out to some famous pizza place around here so I tanged along with them and was really glad I did, I just had the best pizza of my life. They do personal size pizza's in many different ways that I might have to haver a few more before I leave. Yes Jerry they are even better than riverside pizza. I looked so much like a tourist in the place, they do thin crust pizza in a stone baked oven and there I was with my face right up to it looking in it as the pizza's baked, the making them even laughed at me.

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