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LSD - Love, Sex and Diamonds

We decide to take a day “off” and stay in Sitges, to explore what is right in front of us. We find it is a delightful seaside town, with few indications that tourists come here…..apparently this is because we are off season.

It is known as a place of culture, attracting artists such as Salvador Dali and poet Federico Garcia Lorca. The plaza has feral cats like Nerja. There are wild parrots in the palm trees.

We walk to the beach and find a local parish church built on a promontory right on the sea. This city is very “gay friendly” and has nude beaches. The stores are better quality, and the food is as good as Fourth Street in Berkeley.

We do some laundry and plan our remaining time in Spain. Our personal patio is a lovely haven, with the flowers of the datura trees (usually bushes) giving off their fragrance.

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